What We Do

EBS provides turn-key modular facilities designed and built to meet the challenges of a changing world. It’s simple: we partner with you to rapidly deploy the building solution that fits your need.

You have a mission. We have a solution.

EBS off-site custom fabrication.
EBS off-site custom fabrication.

Our Process

EBS works by your side to find the right facility solution for you. Then we take care of the rest.


Our in-house design team creates engineer-approved solutions that fit your need. Virtual design tools expedite the process and help you visualize your facility.


Facility and materials are pre-fabricated at our off site location by experienced structural and equipment specialists.


Our facilities arrive when you need them. Limited excavation and temporary foundation systems means rapid deployment and easy relocation.

Armed Forces

EBS custom barracks unit using multiple ISO containers.
Stretched Fabric Structure
DIRTT wall system integration
Structural Insulated Panel Construction

EBS builds to the requirements of the armed forces by exploring every option. So instead of selling you a specific product, we put all rapid-deployment solutions on the table. Then we design, procure, and install the facility that accomplishes your mission.

  • Fully Relocatable Facilities
  • Barracks & Latrines
  • MWR Facilities
  • Guard Shack
  • Training Complexes
  • Complete Base Camps
  • Storage Facilities
  • Easy Relocation
  • Ballistic Protection Options Available

Emergency Services

We bring rapidly-deployable solutions to those who need them most. From single units to multi-unit housing or medical complexes, our structures provide both tough-as-nails construction and total flexibility.

  • Global Shipping
  • Temporary Housing
  • Medical Units
  • DFAC Facilities
  • Hygiene Units
  • Storage Units
  • Off-grid options include solar, potable water, and sewage systems.

Civil / Other

Civil and site solutions, when you need them. Our background as a commercial contractor gives us the tools you need to quickly adapt to your environment.

Soil stabilization for roads and building sites.

Precast concrete ballast & foundations.

Temporary or permanent bridge systems.


Current Bid Pricing

Part No.: HBC-127-AMW
Type: Annual Clamshell Maintenance and Warranty
MSRP: $86,812

Part No.: HBC-127-UE
Type: Fire Line and Electrical Utility Extensions
MSRP: $118,125

Part No.: HBC-127-HVLSCF
Type: HVLS Ceiling Fan
Unit Price: $7,243
Total Price: $21,731

Type: HVLS Ceiling Fans Install
MSRP: $7018.75

Part No.: HBC – RBU – D
Type: Dormitory Unit
40’x72′ (9 Cans)
2 Drinking Fountains
1 Split System with Multiple Cassettes
LED Lighting and Convenience Outlets
Smoke Detectors
Fire Protection
MSRP: $812,400

Part No.: HBC – PHU – S
Type: Shower Unit
40’x40′ (5 Cans)
64 Plumbing Fixtures
2 Air Handlers and 2 Exhaust Fans
LED Lighting and GFI Outlets
Smoke Detectors
Fire Protection
MSRP: $1,032,000

Part No.: HBC – LU – E
Type: Laundry Unit
40’x24′ (3 Cans)
20 washer/dryer hookups
1 Air Handler and 1 Exhaust Fan
LED Lighting and Convenience Outlets
Fire Protection
MSRP: $523,200

Part No.: HBC -PHU-S/LU
Type: Shower/Laundry Unit Warm Shell
1 Air Handler
LED Lighting and Convenience Outlets
Smoke Detectors
Fire Protection
Delivery, Site Assembly, and Hookup
MSRP: $750,000

Part No.: 0100 – 306
Type: Modular Tent Beam Kit
Site Assembly  & Installation
MSRP: $183,015

Part No.: HBC – 1301 – 127
Type: Relocatable Shelter 75’x192′
8 LED Area Lights and 4 Electrical Unit Heaters
Fire Alarm System
Wet Fire Sprinkler System
MSRP: $402,000

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