We’ve learned a few things since we were a three-person company headquartered at the jobsite. Our people understand that the minimum requirements are not enough and that the pursuit of excellence never ends. We’re offering up-to-date guides and resources so we can share what we know with our customers and partners. Come for project delivery best practices, stay for our discussions on company culture and value.

Crisis Readiness in Project Delivery - HB Construction

Crisis Readiness in Project Delivery: 4 Areas of Assessment

For A/E/C firms and Owners, the COVID-19 outbreak should be a wake-up call. It’s time to prepare your projects and your firm for future threats.

HB Construction Capital Project Strategy

Capital Project Strategy: May 2020

While the decision to move forward with projects in the current environment is a weighty one, there are real opportunities in doing so.

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An Owner’s Guide to Advanced Training Facilities

Advanced training facilities are playing a growing role in preparing students for high-demand careers. Several early considerations can help maximize the potential of these facilities.


5 Keys to Occupied Site Construction

Construction inside or around your facility can have real operational impacts. We’ll help you apply lessons learned from decades of active site construction.


Owning Design-Build

In the right hands, Design-Build unleashes innovation and teamwork. Here’s how to set the table for Design-Build success.


Culture Matters

Company culture can make or break your next construction project. We break down why it’s important and how to measure it.

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6 Keys to Healthcare Design & Construction

The industry is poised for rapid change and expansion. Here’s what you need to know about your upcoming project.

jt022619g/biz/jim thompson/  Jason Harrington,CEO of HB Construction. Tuesday, Feb. 26,  2019. (Jim Thompson/Albuquerque Journal)

Jason Harrington on Company Culture

HB’s CEO speaks on reinforcing culture and values in today’s construction environment.


Defying Odds Using Design-Build

Case study on the pivot to the Design-Build delivery method by the City of Las Cruces.