We exist to create opportunities for people, families, and communities to thrive.

Our mission reflects our desire to enrich lives and inspire positive change. If customers, employees, partners, and community members understand our reason for existing, they can join our mission and increase its impact.

Here’s how we put our purpose into action:


Thriving People

We hire people who care about causes beyond themselves. Then we give them the support they deserve. Our employees receive funds to be given to the cause of their choice. HB employees, click here to access the People Who Care form.


Thriving Families

We believe in the power of family. That’s why we work to improve the lives of families in need. Every quarter, we will award $10,000 grants to nonprofit organizations that strengthen families. Click below to access our grant application form.

Note: applications submitted for Q4 2019 will be considered through 2020 (5 award cycles).

Thriving Communities

We want to have a positive impact in every community we enter. Through Thriving Communities, we help build strong foundations and focus on the future. Click below to see some of our Thriving Communities.