Built for Customers

At HB, we defy business as usual by placing our focus on you, the project owner, and your project needs. We work together to find unique solutions to address challenges you face, regardless of their source. We are Built Different, and working with us will feel different.


For the University of New Mexico, HB retrofitted all MEP systems in the 6-floor Health Science Business Center.  Our in-house BIM experts worked through thousands of virtual “clashes” to ensure precise, efficient install.  The project finished five weeks ahead of schedule and under budget.


Southwest Capital Bank envisioned an environment that exemplified their dedication to personalized banking. HB combined new age processes and quality control methods with traditional craftsmanship to deliver an extraordinary building for our customer.


The HB Complete program offers a BIM-integrated facility performance interface, warranty ticket generation on any device, and extended equipment maintenance services.  These are a few of the ways we are changing the rules to deliver value to customers after project delivery.

Built for Designers

Natural born problem solvers, armed with technology. Our collaborative approach eliminates finger-pointing to find solutions for our mutual customer.


After construction began at Taos Judicial Complex, HB worked with the design team to strategically value engineer $1.5 million out of project budget.  Scope was added back in when additional owner funds became available.


Contributing to your business reputation and future referrals through successful, joint project delivery. We respect your craft while cultivating an environment of trust.


At Sandia High School Math and Science Academy, HB collaborated with the design team to standardize a new method for polished concrete installation.  The resulting quality and efficiency led the owner to mandate the method on all future projects.

Built for Subs

HB works with the best subcontractor partners. You will be successful on our projects because we respect your people and your money.


We get you in and out of our jobs faster. On-site BIM Datavaults, Total Robotic Station (TRS) precision layout tools, and early fabrication of materials are just a few of the ways we’re investing in efficiency.


Advanced BIM coordination and scheduling tools aren’t just for show. On average, our projects finish 16% ahead of schedule, allowing our subcontractor partners to move on to the next job.


Our safety programs protect your people through uncompromising standards and education.  At Capitan Secondary School, HB incorporated tie-off points into the steel fabrication process, providing increased safety for contractors working on the roof.

Built for the Community

HB exists to create opportunities for people, families, and communities to thrive.


HB has impacted the lives of thousands of children through our annual “Share the Warmth” event. Since 2009, we have joined forces with our industry partners to collect winter clothing and monetary donations to benefit multiple youth organizations.


Investment in education is a cornerstone of HB’s community focus. We seek meaningful ways to contribute, including project specific school sponsorships, hands-on experiences at our jobsites, and higher education partnerships.


Through the HB Construction Endowment Fund and our United Way Employee Campaign, we support more than 100 community organizations throughout the Southwest. Our employees contribute their time and money to the causes they’re passionate about.

Beyond Building

HB supported the Boys & Girls Club of Hobbs’ fundraising efforts with this video project.