Foundational Values

Our values are the bedrock for delivering exceptional service to our customers and partners. They’re the guiding principles behind hiring, training, and project delivery at HB. We believe that by being open about them, we create clarity for our people, communities, and business partners.

HB Construction Vision


Exceed expectations by providing the highest level of service and accountability.


Enrich lives through respect, compassion, and giving.


Be honest, transparent, and trustworthy. Always keep your word and do the right thing.


Treat each other like family. Help one another to get the job done right.


Make decisions that create success over the long term.


Create an environment of safety and trust in all your dealings.


Be passionate about the work you do, and we will help you reach your personal and professional goals.


Community Dedication

Using our values as a starting point, we’re intentional about positively impacting the communities we live and work in. From establishing an environment of safety and cleanliness on site, to leading local fundraising and events, HB project teams seek to enrich lives wherever they go.

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Careers at HB

From project foremen, to accountants, to administrative staff, our people are passionate about the work they do. They get the professional support and training they deserve.