A Core Purpose

We’re driven by the desire to enrich lives and inspire positive change. By finding and clearly defining our purpose, we create clarity in everything we do. When customers, employees, partners, and community members understand our reason for existing, they can join in our mission increases its impact.


Culture Matters

From project foremen to accountants to administrative staff, people are HB’s most critical asset. That’s why we nurture a culture of opportunity, teamwork, and respect. Our people are passionate about the work they do, and they help one another get the job done right. This culture drives performance and payoff for our customers and partners.


Our mission is bigger than our bottom line. As a family friendly company, we understand there’s more to life than just work. At HB we encourage our employees to live fulfilling, well-balanced lives. Wellness benefits, and competitive pay are just a few of the ways we help our employees be their best selves.

11HB Construction Our Purpose

Grounded in Community

Our impact reaches far beyond our office walls. At HB, values-driven culture underlies our shared purpose:enriching lives through service. From community initiatives to company activities, HBers build camaraderie while making a difference.