Full-Circle Construction

There’s a better way to start (and finish) projects.
Team members turn over dirt as part of the ceremony.

Better Partnerships

Excellent teams, committed to a common vision. We invest the time and resources to establish winning partnerships.

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Better Projects

With systems built to deliver Safety, Quality, Schedule, and Budget, our people can strive to do more for customers.

HB Construction Better Communities

Better Communities

HB Construction strives to make a positive impact on the communities we live and work in.

Leadership Team

Adam Harrington, CFO
Jason Harrington, CEO
Travis Coker, COO
Zach Gruen, Executive Vice President

Project success through planning + operational excellence.


Risk Management
Mitigation of project risk starts during the planning phase. Our preconstruction team works to mitigate risk by pairing building and performance requirements with responsible contingency.

Design Collaboration
HB’s integrative approach ensures planning and design orbit around Owner requirements. Incorporation of trade, supplier, and user experts results in the right building at the right price.

Budget Development
Design to your budget, then deliver. HB provides active budget leadership and dynamic feedback. That way your project runs like a business, not a blank check.

100% Constructability
By combining BIM, contract document expertise, and boots-on-the-ground professionals, we ensure your design meets the rigors of the real world.

Project Delivery

Our project teams use Design-Build to unleash the power of collaboration and shared purpose. Alongside forward-thinking Owners, HB generates crystal-clear project expectations and creative delivery solutions.

Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)
A deep resume of Construction Manager at Risk projects helps us deliver sustained transparency and constructability best practices.

Project Technology
Virtual design and on-site technology that makes sense for Owners and Designers. We use it to eliminate construction conflicts, streamline communication, and set the stage for facility management.

Community Engagement
Our community support starts with a minimal construction footprint. Then we work with Owners and subcontractor partners to identify opportunities to enrich lives, from the everyday to the extraordinary.

What We’re Up To

Proof of Concept

The Bernco @ Alvarado Square Design-Build shows that great partnerships generate value for all parties. HB led a team of local builders to transform three city blocks and create an iconic hub and gathering place for New Mexico’s largest county.

Success Starts with Safety

With one of the best safety records in our region, HB integrates safety thinking into all aspects of project delivery. Continued commitment to safety systems have made HB an ABC STEP Diamond and Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC).

At HB, Safety means: Leadership | Culture | Process | Results.

A Culture Worth Celebrating

Our people, projects, and partnerships as seen on LinkedIn.