CYFD Children's Wellness Center Design-Build


Children, Youth, and Families Department


Dekker/Perich/Sabatini Architects



ENR Southwest Award of Merit 2019
Government/Public Building

Complete transformation of campus infrastructure and buildings for the consolidation of the NM Child, Youth, and Families Department into a single headquarters campus. The 150,000 sq ft facility program includes a new receiving center, protective services, family visitation space, statewide central call center, juvenile justice, IT, training academy, and modern office space for over 500 CYFD employees. HB’s Design-Build role included architectural upgrades, furniture and equipment procurement, a site utility redesign, and other critical activities.

CYFD faced a hard deadline for the move into its new facility due to an impending lease expiration at its existing space. HB and the project design team used intensive collaboration in order to fast track multiple work packages and begin renovations before design was complete. In addition, we deployed self-performance teams to accelerate interior finish work. The use of Design-Build collaboration and self-performance helped the team meet CYFD’s schedule and complete construction in 164 days.

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