Southwest Capital Bank


Southwest Capital Bank


RMKM Architecture



This 15,000 sq ft boutique bank stands as a monument to quality craftsmanship. From an imported stone cladding exterior to detailed custom woodwork throughout the interior, the two story facility features a number of finishes and security systems that put it in a class by itself.

From the beginning, our customer wanted an environment that embodied their dedication to personalized banking. HB worked hand in hand with the design team, installers, and suppliers to ensure that no corners were cut to realize this vision.

On-the-spot Quality

The custom stainless steel staircase and balcony railings were assembled, welded, and finished on site by a crew working 28 consecutive nights. HB also assigned an on-site quality control foreman to coordinate subcontractors working concurrently to install complex, high volume woodwork.

Speedy Submittals

Many high-end finishes were imported, leaving little margin for error due to long lead times and costly replacements. HB accelerated the submittal process, ensuring all products and materials were on site ahead of time.

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